Royal American Management


A superlative standard of excellence and unmatched experience in operating diverse property portfolios have made Royal American Management one of the most sought-after real estate management companies in the industry. A culture of integrity, compassion and commitment has inspired the trust and loyalty of residents, clients and employees and helped forge long-term relationships that enrich the lives of the people living in RAM communities.

Exceptional Performance & Professionalism


Royal American Management (RAM) offers full-scope management services for all types of conventional and affordable multifamily and single-family housing rental communities throughout the Southeast and Colorado. Clients include housing authorities and other government entities; Non-profit groups; private developers both large and small; cooperatives; receiverships; and real estate investment companies/ syndicators. For more information, please contact or call 850-769-8981 or Toll-free at 1-800-965-8981.



Dedicated to Providing Superior Services


Royal American Management (RAM) values its professional relationship with its vendors. Therefore, it is important for RAM to establish and develop a pool of vendors with a high level of integrity that offer the most competitive rates. Also for the protection of the owners, employees, residents, and properties, it is critical that each vendor providing services to RAM-managed properties is thoroughly screened. To perform the services for and/ or sell products to RAM managed properties, all vendors must be properly licensed, insured, and qualified as set forth in RAM’s vendor selection criteria. To assist vendors with this qualification process, RAM has implemented a Vendor Compliance Program through Chapman Associates, an affiliated company. As vendor services are an integral part of the success of RAM operations, Chapman Associates employs full- time staff specifically dedicated to overseeing the vendor compliance program. This staff is tasked with checking vendor credentials and references and with obtaining and monitoring their current insurance certificates.

Work with the Best


There are numerous benefits to becoming a RAM-approved vendor. Multiple properties may obtain their services as an Approved Vendor since the Approved Vendor list is distributed weekly to over 200 properties. Since an annual fee is required, all new vendors should be "sponsored" by a property, meaning they are hiring that vendor to complete work at their property.

All RAM-approved vendors working on-site are required to have the following:

  • A completed Vendor File Maintenance Form
  • Signed and notarized Vendor Agreement
  • Proof of Insurance
    • General Liability with a minimum combined limit of $500,000
    • Auto Liability with a minimum combined limit of $100,000
    • Workers’ Compensation with statutory limits as set by the state in which work is being performed or proof of exemption from Workers’ + Compensation laws
  • Copy of Business License and/or specialty licenses if applicable
  • Annual Processing Fee

To inquire about becoming an Approved Vendor please email  All inquiries will be directed to properties looking for services.  Inquiries do not constitute approval of Approved Vendor status.